1. To offer a differentiating digital platform that included all business processes
  2. To present the brand’s products in 3D
  3. To streamline the process of setting prices and budgeting by market and range
  4. To reduce errors going to production, through the BOM, and invoicing
  5. To enable the customer’s configuration of generators and to automate the processes of quotation and technical specification
  6. To facilitate information and approval flows between departments, in all project stages until delivery to the customer
  7. To simplify customer management with the inclusion of CRM system in the platform
  8. To integrate with ERP systems already available in the organization




“The partnership with ISSHO proved to be a success from the beginning.

The team recognized Grupel’s vision and our intentions, from the start, and was able to present proposals adjusted to what we wanted, also suggesting different ways to achieve our goals to optimize the tool itself.

From a 3D configurator, we moved to a 360º solution, thanks to the close work between the two teams and to an extremely professional and proactive delivery from ISSHO, always attentive to Grupel’s needs.”



“With ISSHO’s vital support, we were able to create a platform that includes all the steps of a deal, from lead management and order invoicing to product delivery. An intuitive tool that makes it easy for our teams to work and for our customers to get involved, even those who understand nothing about our products and projects.

Anyone, with no idea of the power, frequency or voltage type they need, can access our configurator and proceed to an order, in a simple and clear way, learn about the recommended options, according to their use, and get a technical proposal and quote practically immediately.”



“ISSHO’s tool allowed us to implement automated mechanisms, create and manage databases and interconnect all these systems with each other on a web base.

This brings numerous advantages to our work and performance, as a customer-focused company, because it allows us to produce more efficiently and innovatively, while ensuring a better experience to our customers and partners from markets as different as the 70 countries in which we are present.

With it, we have been able to improve our response times, increase efficiency and reduce costs through a more fluid work-flow with integration of all business areas.”



“We wanted something truly differentiating and modern, and that’s exactly what we got. A 360º tool, where all our processes and procedures are integrated and interconnected, and therefore with complete visibility of all the phases of each project. An important step in the modernization and optimization of our structure, so important in the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0 that we live in. And an even greater proximity to our customers around the world, who have access to services, proposals and products increasingly more compliant and adapted to what they are looking for.”

Eng Marco Santos Grupel


Marco Santos, CEO

ISSHO granted us the 360º tool we were looking for. The team was always willing to listen to our aspirations and to get to know our vision, so it developed a platform for managing deals in all their stages, that is also easier and more intuitive for our customer.