1. To offer a platform that could differentiate the company and take it to another level
  2. To reduce limitations and errors
  3. To respond to clients’ needs
  4. To improve the budgeting process
  5. To present the brand’s products in augmented reality




“It was always very easy to work with ISSHO. The determination of the people involved and the constant search for the best solution are factors that differentiate the company and facilitate sharing ideas and interacting. The concepts that Purever communicated were always taken into account by its team. And that’s why we were able to establish a win-win partnership, quickly.

ISSHO was always close to Purever, giving a positive response to our requests, meeting our vision, making suggestions for improvement and ensuring compliance with all deadlines.”


“It is a very flexible tool, with areas that are quite innovative, and that the competition does not have, which allowed us to differentiate ourselves, even in terms of business model. With the implementation of the ISSHO tool we wanted to make a difference; with its adoption we were really able to be different.


“3D cold chambers were not new to the market. However, the solution presented was a very important upgrade in relation to the existing tool. We were able to have our chambers integrated with our ERP, which allowed us to prepare quotes within 2 or 3 minutes, thus responding to a large part of the existing orders.”


“Purever is an international company that operates in several markets with different needs. With this solution, we were able to provide a faster response, with fewer errors, facilitating the interaction between the sales team and our clients, and thus transforming the customer experience.”


“We also wanted to have our products in augmented reality. That was another one of the challenges we posed to ISSHO, which successfully met it. The tool has a set of features that meet the needs of the customer, and can assist them: the 3D drawings, the projects with all the information on the customized product, and, at the end, the presentation of the cold chambers, not only on paper, but also in augmented reality, suitable for anyone with a device that has a camera (smartphone or tablet).”


“Within Purever, the teams using ISSHO’s platform, in their day-to-day work, were early adopters. From day one, the feedback we had was positive. People found the new platform easier, more intuitive and appealing than the existing one, as it enabled them to make their projects (configurations), automatically, for various models, without the slightest problem, being web-based.”



“We could have updated the platform we were using. But, with the support of the Administration, we decided to go further and do something from scratch. To do so, we used ISSHO’s configurator, because we realized that it was necessary to work with a team that thought like us and could adapt to our reality and our requirements.

The flexibility is the biggest gain that we have with this platform. In addition to all its features, the greatest advantage is the adaptability and the ability to respond in various markets, with different needs and with numerous products.”

Hugo Rechena CTO


Hugo Rechena, Former CTO

ISSHO always had a willingness to present solutions and do things differently, constantly considering the customer’s needs and trying to give adequate answers.